GMobi Acquires Leading Performance Mobile Advertising Platform MassiveImpact

In a strategic move to grow GMobi’s value with customers and strengthen its capabilities in the Mobile and Social Media markets.

General Mobile Corporation (GMobi) announced the purchase of MassiveImpact, a leading performance advertising platform specializing in social media promotion of mobile applications. With this latest acquisition, GMobi now provides app developers with a comprehensive advertising platform, encompassing a variety of web, mobile, and social channels.

MassiveImpact reaches over 1 billion users in 190 countries, with blue chip clientele including leading tech, retail and gaming brands Gameloft, Citibank, AIA, Tencent, and Baidu, among others. The acquisition of MassiveImpact will complement existing mobile technology services provided by GMobi such as Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates, secure mobile payments, and mobile advertising.

The new, all-inclusive mobile ad platform utilizes advanced ad conversion metrics to gain increased user discovery and enhance sales capabilities. For GMobi customers, the MassiveImpact acquisition means greater value via optimized targeting, content delivery, and end user experiences through the company’s Real Time Performance (RTP) platform.

"We’re excited to revolutionize how brands connect with consumers. Combined, GMobi and MassiveImpact’s technologies will transform mobile advertising experiences." said Paul Wu, founder and CEO of GMobi.

MassiveImpact founder and CEO, Sephi Shapira, said that "The acquisition will add our strength and experience with social platforms to GMobi’s existing marketing campaigns and put GMobi in a highly competitive position in the mobile advertising industry."