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General Mobile Corporation (GMobi) is a global provider of mobile Internet services and products. Founded in 2011, the company is invested by industry leaders including MediaTek, Trend Micro, SingTel Innov8 and CDIB. Our local offices locate in Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New Delhi, Singapore, Russia, and United State.

GMobi serves over 100 OEMs and supports more than 2000 Android models across different chipset platforms with more than 150M users worldwide, and the user number grows at the speed of 7M monthly.

Management Board

GMobi is led by a group of seasoned industry veterans with proven successful track records. Our highly competent and truly global management team enables us to operate on a global scale in this fast changing competitive mobile internet industry.

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Investor Information

GMobi is invested by leading global players across both mobile and internet industry. The strategic partnership via our investor network enhanced our unique market positioning and our global reach.

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GMobi Shifting Gears Aiming for Automative Market

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming powerful driving forces of business transformation. The technologies to connect devices for monitoring and managing things have inspired many startups to explore the immense possibilities in the IoT industry.

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GMobi Acquires Leading Performance Mobile Advertising Platform MassiveImpact

Taipei – August 9, 2016 – General Mobile Corporation (GMobi) announced the purchase of MassiveImpact, a leading performance advertising platform specializing in social media promotion of mobile applications. With this latest acquisition, GMobi now provides app developers with a comprehensive advertising platform, encompassing a variety of web, mobile, and social channels.

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General Mobile Carrier-Based Billing

More than 126 million mobile phone users in 160 countries can bill digital purchases of games, videos, subscriptions, and more to their prepaid telecom account through a service offered by General Mobile, which operates under the GMobi service mark. The company links an application programming interface to local mobile network operators (MNOs) in 30 countries, mostly in emerging countries, and uses partnerships with other carrier-based billers like Boku, Fortumo, DaoPay, and Bango to reach MNOs in the other 130 countries.

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Go2 Reach offers a full set of plug and play SDKs that enables you to reach your users and manage your mobile devices with the latest software to enjoy the enhancement of features

For Mobile OEMs and Telcos

“Smart Preload” - Revolutionize the preload method
  • Provide the most up to date software to your devices and save time to the market
  • Bring your customers more services and values and generate additional revenue at the same time.
  • Understand your customers and provide relevant content

For App Developers

  • G-Mobi tap into the fast growing emerging markets through our 50M+ installed bases.
  • Save marketing cost through a more efficient channel
  • Provide easy plug and play integration

Reach Push

Proactively deliver news, contents, deals, and much more

  • Reach Push offers a wide variety of push notification formats so you can deliver information and offers proactively to your users


  • Full ranges of format (SMS push, app push, web push, rich push)
  • Cross nation/continent coverage
  • Targeted campaign managements
  • Complete tracking and reporting system
For Mobile OEMs
and Telcos
For App

Reach Analytics

Get ready to find out the insights of your customers first-hand

  • Reach Analytics helps you find out the valuable business intelligences from your customers by collecting and analyzing relevant information and statistics
For Mobile OEMs
and Telcos
For App

Reach Offers

Cross-selling cannot be easier

  • Reach Offer enables app recommendation and cross-selling with ease. Whether you would like to cross sell your other apps or run in-app advertisements, with or without incentives, Reach Offer SDK can enable it with 2 hours of integration


  • Supports direct download or via GooglePlay
  • Supports multi-channel and multi-languages
  • Supports campaigns with or without incentives
  • Easy-to-use admin and reporting system
For Mobile OEMs
and Telcos
For App

Reach OTA

Device makers: Meet the time-to-market requirement without compromising the software quality

  • FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) has become a must-have for almost all Android devices. With the ever-increasing complexity of the on-device software, FOTA enables OEMs to update software even after the device has been sold to the market, so the software quality can be properly ensured without compromising time-to-market. Our Reach OTA, serving over 20 million devices worldwide, has the most complete feature set and support various platforms including smart phones, tablets, smart home devices and wearable devices.
For Mobile OEMs
and Telcos

Reach Payment

Our comprehensive billing network enables you to monetize worldwide

  • Single SDK covers mobile payments over 160 countries
  • Supports premium SMS, game cards, credit cards, e-wallets, more
  • Supports pay-per-download, subscription, in-app purchase, and more
For Mobile OEMs
and Telcos
For App

Reach Market

We offer a wide variety of appstore and app recommendation portals such as

  • “All you can play” subscription model
  • Sponsored or free app recommendation model

Supports multiple channels for different regions/languages/etc.

For Mobile OEMs
and Telcos


  • SingTel
  • Globe
  • Telkomsel
  • Airtel
  • Vodafone
  • SEGA
  • Zed
  • Index
  • Newshunt
  • Trend Micro
  • Yeahmobi
  • Inmobi
  • NQ
  • AppFlood
  • Animoca
  • PicMix
  • Ifree
  • MOL
  • QIWI
  • Fortumo